About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Seattle Stars were formed in 2011 with the goal of teaching young boys, through the game of basketball, that success is measured by giving your best effort. The Stars’ coaches preach the fundamentals of basketball interwoven with the notion that one can never be through learning and that improvement is always possible. Hard work and an enthusiastic attitude are the cornerstones of the Stars’ philosophy.

This emphasis on working hard and doing things the right way allows the Stars to build character and self-esteem in the boys at an early age and ingrains the belief that the impossible becomes possible when coupled with an excellent work ethic.

In just seven years, the Stars have won tournaments in six different states and have played all over the country.  We pride ourselves on putting the kids on the toughest stages in the toughest tournaments.  Competition breeds competitiveness and the desire to get better and the Stars will always play the top events against the best local and national teams.